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Pixels on the Beach, NDG brings new technologies to The Emerald Coast in Florida

Najafi Design Group is ecstatic over their latest themed environment lighting design on Florida's Emerald Coast in Fort Walton Beach at Al's Beach Club! Included in the open air, beachfront venue are thousands of pixel-mapped LED dots from Color Kinetics, several dozen IP-rated miniature LED fixtures from Gantom and IP-rated theatrical LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional and Iluminarc. In this unique design, all aspects had to be weatherproof and ruggedized due to the extreme marine environment. To accommodate this special environment where temperatures yearly peak at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity reaching 80%, NDG's designers took special care to select fixtures capable of performing reliably season after season. Additionally, NDG hardened the control system against failure by creating a temperature and humidity controlled rack environment for all system critical components. More information about Al's Beach Club available at

30,000 pixel-mapped LEDs!
First permanent artificial snow installation in Australia by NDG!

Custom Fabricated LED-lined Flying Scenery!

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