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SIE Featured in The New Yorker for Paramount Pictures "A Quiet Place II" Bi-coastal Surviv

SIE was featured in The New Yorker this week for our immersive theatrical design of Paramount Pictures' A Quiet Place Part II bi-coastal survival experience.

"In SoHo, the 'Quiet Place' team was putting finishing touches on the scenic elements in a series of claustrophobic rooms. There was an infectious this-is-gonna-be-great vibe, as if a bunch of kids were setting up a back-yard spookhouse. The attention to detail was impressive. [...]

Backstage [...] Sohail Najafi, who owns a company that does lighting and production design, opened a tool case. Inside was a tangle of wiring and circuitry—it resembled a nuclear-bomb detonator from a spy movie—that controlled the Experience’s sound and light cues, as well as “gags” like the hissing oxygen tanks, which were real."

- The New Yorker

Read the articles here:

Lighting, Sound, Scenic, and Special Effects Design by Stories Illuminated Entertainment

Scenic Fabrication by Pink Sparrow

Master Creative Direction by Experiential Supply Co.

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