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Bringing More Color to Grand Park, NDG lights permanent art installation in front of Los Angeles Cit

Najafi Design Group designed and commissioned a new architectural lighting design installation this week in Downtown Los Angeles' Grand Park. Here is an excerpt from an article describing the art installation from The LAist:

"The Music Center unveiled the newest place-making effort in downtown's Grand Park: an artistic shade canopy in the shape of eleven giant "paper" airplanes, soaring above the Olive Court area (a.k.a. where the food trucks are) to provide a little sun relief and UV protection. Final plans for the artistic shade canopy were first announced in March—"Paper Airplane," the whimsical vision of artists Elenita Torres and Dean Sherriff, was one of 59 designs submitted as part of a public competition. The construction and installation of the sculpture/shade canopy was funded by a $100,000 grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation's My LA2050 challenge, and it will remain in the park for two years."

When asked to light the art installation in front of the Los Angeles City Hall, NDG's Sohail e. Najafi chose to utilize miniature LED fixtures from Gantom. The installation consists of two dozen Gantom RGBW Flood fixtures running date-specific automated programs powered by a dedicated Luminair

control system.

"The goal was to create the maximum effect with the least invasive footprint possible. I wanted to be able to paint the sculptures with dynamic swaths of colorful light, but keep their sources from imposing on the overall composition of the installation."

When the original artists saw the final lit product, NDG was extremely pleased to hear, "You've made an idea a reality. We were surprised when we went down to take photos and your beautiful lighting was installed. The mini LED's are positioned perfectly!"

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